Whether accommodating residents during routine street maintenance, enhancing quality of life through complete streets design or seeking federal funding for regional transportation initiatives, you need an engineering firm with the experience, vision and industry knowledge to serve your community’s needs: Robinson Engineering.

Federally Funded Roadways

Robinson has performed complete design engineering and construction management services for more than 180 federally funded roadway projects during the past seven years. Our expertise includes all aspects of Phase 1 engineering (preliminary design and NEPA processing), Phase 2 engineering (preparation of detailed design plans, specifications and estimates), Right-of-Way engineering (preparation of plats & legal descriptions for easements and dedications), and Phase 3 construction engineering. Our environmentally conscientious focus on sustainable transportation designs, and our focus on cost-effective client service, sets us apart from many competitors.

Complete Streets

The ever-present need to rehabilitate and expand transportation infrastructure provides a constant challenge. As the backbone of a community, the transportation system plays a critical role in all municipalities. Selecting a professional engineering firm with the expertise to cost-effectively plan and design roadways that enable safe access for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities is a must. Complete streets make it easy to cross the street, walk to shops and bicycle to work. They allow busses to run on time and make it safe for people to walk to and from train stations.

Annual MFT Maintenance

Robinson works closely with municipal staff to plan and budget for annual MFT maintenance programs for local street resurfacing, sidewalk replacements and other roadway maintenance issues, including snow/ice removal and traffic signal maintenance. Our services range from simple assistance with IDOT paperwork, to complex design of roadways, drainage, street lighting and traffic signals. Beyond the traditional aspects of safety engineering, our vibrant professional staff is also committed to assisting communities implementing quality-of-life amenities such as bike trail extensions funded through IDNR grants, decorative streetscaping improvements and other green-initiative enhancements to the local transportation systems.


Robinson has extensive experience utilizing various federal, IDOT and INDOT funding sources associated with roadway improvements. We also have experience utilizing various funding sources associated with roadway improvements, including federal STP funds, CMAQ, ITEP, local MFT and LRS funds, CDBG funds and a wide variety of other sources available through IDOT, INDOT and the federal government.

When faced with expanding a major highway intersection that affects thousands of people daily, we needed a partner that understood every aspect of the project. Robinson provided the entire range of surveying services, then worked on roadway layout and lighting as well. They’re a valuable part of the team.

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