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Robinson Engineering Ltd. of South Holland, Ill., recently completed a project in which it flipped that template inside out.


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Illinois Senator Toi Hutchison (D – Olympia Fields) discusses infrastructure and job creation with ASCE


On Monday, September 30, 2013, State Senator Toi Hutchinson (D-Olympia Fields) met with members of the IL Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to discuss municipal infrastructure issues. This was an important, exciting, and highly productive meeting.

The Senator, as she expressed during the meeting, is a strong advocate of municipal infrastructure, from safer roads and water systems to related job creation, she understands the issues, shares our concerns, is a committed supporter and will be instrumental in the legislative process.

During Monday’s meeting, Senator Hutchinson expressed:

  • The critical need to invest in our roads, bridges and water resources;
  • Recognition that the ‘failure to act’ is far too costly to society; and
  • The recognition that expenses only grow exponentially when maintenance is neglected

Senator Hutchinson agreed to work proactively with ASCE in presenting Illinois’ infrastructure needs. In attendance were ASCE members – Christopher J. King, Robinson Engineering, Patrick Lach, Hey & Associates, Inc. and William Cussen, Haeger Engineering, LLC.

October 25, 2013  |  General News, Thought Leadership
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